The Armed Forces Staff Hospital Kano (AFSHK) was acquired in 1991 by Ministry of Defence (MOD) for the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN). Since inception, the facility has remained the foremost tertiary tri-Service health care facility for the AFN. Although the hospital came into existence in 1991, the provision of clinical services commenced in 1998. It was established primarily to serve Armed Forces personnel  and their immediate families, civilian staff of Ministry of Defence (MOD), the paramilitary agencies, the federal civil servants and the civilian populace. The AFSHK was granted an Establishment Order with effect from 30 Oct 17, which clearly spelt out its organization. Its current status based on the Establishment Order is that of a Level III facility with a tilt towards trauma care. The hospital has become the first point of call for civilians in and around Kano because of its popularity, affordability and accessibility.